The Cat Tails

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How My Cat Found Me

Nikita ~ what a big growl you have!

My household is a multi-Cat household. Most of them came to me, usually as a deposit on my front door step from a desperate Queen, and probably from a direct result of feeding strays in the neighbourhood! It was very considerate of them to engage in this time-saving exercise for me as I didn’t have to waste time looking for a new pet, let alone thinking about wanting another cat!

Relaxing in the lounge room one evening after feeding my crew and the strays (whom I catch when possible and get de-sexed), I hear the loudest and most ferocious primal growling I have ever heard – period! My first thought was that it must be one of those huge feral cats that live in the drains and, with the Cat Underworld as it is, word got around that a good feed is provided at Jarmila’s Soup Kitchen! Painted in my mind was a big fractious meat-hunting carnivorous creature from the depths of the night engage in a feeding frenzy when, if disturbed, would remove your limb before it’s departure. But when I went to investigate what I saw was nothing like what I had imagined I’d heard.


Nikita ~ what big ears you have!

There on my top step sitting in a plate too big for it was a blue fluffy dot of a kitten with slits as eyes and ears so big I thought it was impossible, folded down so close to it’s head that they curled up again out the front. I thought this couldn’t be what the noise came out of, so, I bent down and looked through the screen door. Our eyes locked then, to my astonishment it emitted primal screaming whilst chewing, that resulted in extremely high and low notes, before taking off down the front steps a frenzied state landing under my car. My first thought was how can it run with those ears without becoming airborne? My second thought was how on earth am I going to catch this? I grabbed a torch and flew down the steps after it all the while it was under my car making scary noises. I opened the side gates hoping I could lure it into my back yard where I had a better chance of catching it, thinking that this is not going to happen. I went around the back of my car and shone the torch under at the kitten, and, as luck had it, it flew, almost literally, up my driveway still making its crazed yowling noises. I skittled around the car and closed the gates. Gotcha! But the night was not over!


Nikita ~ what big claws you have!

The chase was on! The fluffy blue dot tore around the back of the house, maintaining the ferocious yowling with alternating notes, putting me in mind of a lion in the wild in a life and death battle with it’s own kind fighting to the death. I was in a safari suit on the path of their warfare, running through the Savanna plains …….Whoa!…..back in reality, I am in my pyjamas with nightgown flowing whilst shuffling with arms outstretched after a fluffy blue dot, under the cover of darkness!

The chase was short, as luck did have it! Fluffy blue dot cornered itself between the hot water system and the house. There was no way out! There was no way to get at it before moving long planks of wood and piping stacked neatly between the hot water system and the house. Hoping it would stay put while I unstacked everything, finally I got a clearing. The space was small and after wading through spider’s webs I thought what a good kitty for staying put! Shining the torch I discovered the fluffy blue dot upside down down in a hole just it’s size, with legs sticking upwards, in a running position. Poor kitty! Terrified, vulnerable and stuck! Reaching down to secure it I felt something cold run across the back of my fingers. Holding my hand up I notice blood, mine, seeping from the many cuts incurred while reaching out to assist uprighting kitty. I shone my torch on kitty and tried to reach out again. I noticed that this blue fluffy dot had the acquired skills of a cross between Zorro and a Ninja Warrior, when it attacked me with slicing precision in a sidewards manner with all claws ablaze, shredding anything that came close to it and making it impossible to handle.

Desperate times calls for desperate action….off with the flowing nightgown (as previously mentioned, I was wearing pyjamas as well) and over the kitty it goes! Now I safely grab hold of a leg or two and yank it out of it’s imprisonment and quickly wrap it up. This sounds worse than it was. The little blue dot was extremely undernourished and skinny which meant it was light and easy to lift without hurting it in any way. I race it inside and set it up in a carry cage with food and water and milk.


Nikita ~ how sweet you are.

After 2 days in the bathroom (set up with warm bedding, toys, etc) it held its attitude of yowling and the ear thing, but ate well. It came out of itself when I offered it a piece of string to play with. It would shyly put out it’s paw to grab the string. Gotcha! I then came to handle it without being too sliced, discovering it to be a female. On the third day I took it to my vet who confirmed it was an eight week old blue domestic long hair. Vaccinated and wormed there was no doubt about her future.

Nikita was so badly undernourished it took about three weeks before resembling a healthy normal kitten. She has endeared herself to the other six Cats who take it in turn to wash her and play with her. She is now a confident and playful kitten, small for her age, but the boss of the dinner plate!